” The Energetic foundation “

Foundations is designed for:

-Reiki students from any lineage, regardless of the degree studied, want a deeper understanding of the system.
-People who want to know more about the system of Reiki before deciding to take the full First Degree course.

What Do I Get From This Reiki Training?

Students will learn a simple and easy-to-remember form of practice. Just the essentials of the system are taught. This workshop is for both absolute beginners and those with prior Reiki training who want a quick refresher course.

Note: It will be necessary to have received at least initiation in the system of Reiki to effectively practice. For those who are uninitiated, unsure if they have been, or simply want to receive an initiation, can choose to receive the first initiation of the first degree remotely for a fee.

First Degree Shoden
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Second Degree Remote Initiation
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Second Degree Okuden
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